A Complete Trading Suite Under One Roof

The cryptocurrency industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past years in terms of overall user adoption but also by means of the trading volume.

People are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, and it shows. This has spurred the appearance of many exchanges, and each one of them battles to provide the best customer service, trading tools, interface, and in general – a toolkit for traders.

LYOTRADE is a cryptocurrency exchange created back in the summer of 2020, and it brings forward a centralized platform that’s dedicated to providing both safe and convenient solutions for crypto trading. Let’s unpack.


As mentioned above, the project was first introduced in the summer of 2020 but back then, the initial offer was to create an application for cryptocurrency payment services. Back then, the direction moved towards creating a robust ecosystem of platforms and branded the stand-alone product – LYOPAY.

The first portal itself was LYOPAY, with the app and the payment service. It saw success in Europe, where the team had provided the EUR IBAN account service, as well as the option to store cryptocurrencies and swap them.

While building a community that showed definitive interest in cryptocurrency services, LYOPAY announced that these services in development now became a reality, especially with regards to the LYOTRADE cryptocurrency exchange and its native token – LYO.

This is how we arrive at February 21, 2022, when the ecosystem exchange went live with an airdrop of LYO Credit (LYO).

Since then, many products have been integrated by the team, and the exchange currently supports the trading of over 20 cryptocurrencies and tokens.

To compliantly register with LYOTRADE, the users need to go through identity verification as the exchange follows the global standard for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). The purpose of this is to curb all illegal transactions and activities.

Users who don’t have crypto can use their debit or credit cards to purchase or use a simple bank transfer.

The Entire Suite of Products at LYOTRADE

There are many products that co-exist under the roof of LYOTRADE, and each one of them has its own platform and mobile app. The team considers LYOTRADE to be the very starting point that allows users to manage their crypto and wallets. Then, the balances can be used to purchase travel tickets on LYOTRAVEL using ETH, BNB, LTC, BTC, and others.

Business owners can take advantage of LYOMERCHANT – a payment gateway that allows them to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

The team also puts the safety of its users at the forefront. Because of this, LYOPAY offers both centralized solutions for wallet storage as LYOTRADE and the LYOPAY app, as well as a decentralized solution in the face of LYOWALLET – a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, as well as physical cold storage that’s available with CoolWallet’s branded LYOPAY.

Those who want to embark on the journey of crypto can register an account with the exchange, which strives to provide a user-friendly interface suitable even for beginners.

LYOPAY is based in London and in Hong Kong.

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