CoinGames Launches Decentralized to Revolutionizing Gaming

[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] is a crypto casino platform that offers over 40 game providers to users all around the world, and is now the very first online casino operated exclusively via smart contract.

The innovative crypto casino launched its decentralized version on February 20th, a process that will significantly change the face of  online gambling. Following Coingames’ migration into the Web3 network, the new iteration of the world wide web that incorporates decentralized frameworks and other concepts such as blockchain technologies and crypto tokens, the platform’s functionalities will improve significantly, especially benefitting users that choose the platform to game.

The migration that changes the face of gambling

The CoinGames crypto casino migration into the Web3 ecosphere brings unprecedented benefits to operators and users alike, especially when it comes to user protection and process facilitation, rendering the user’s experience smoother and more congenial to their desire of data protection. The launch will essentially present users with the possibility to play their favorite games – the platform offers over 6000 slot and live casino games – with the peace of mind that their personal data and finances are better protected than in any other online casino entity.

The decentralization of the gaming platform essentially entails users basically do not need to enter any card details, but must simply connect their crypto wallet to the website and start playing. This not only facilitates registration, but allows for other, usually time consuming processes like deposits and withdrawals, to happen more or less instantaneously.

DEGA Token: The Future of Casino Currencies

The most innovative part of CoinGames’s Web3 launch is the long-awaited unveiling of the platform’s very own DEGA token, the sole currency that is now used to play on their entire ecosystem. The development of the token by the CoinGames team was carried out with user game facilitation in mind, as DEGA is backed to Bitcoin, making it a trustworthy asset, and, especially, it is minted by CoinGames’s very own Vault smart contract, which essentially acts as a guarantor for DEGA’s value and is programmed to release them to users that complete certain criteria, whether it be a win on a slot spin or completion of a wagering requirement presented by a bonus.

The process devised by CoinGames allows them to become the first platform that decentralizes deposits and withdrawals in a trustless and permissionless manner, giving its users the ulterior benefit of guaranteeing them the transparency of any and all transactions made through the Vault, as well as improving their overall experience by having a fiche that is universally accepted and exchangeable with bitcoins.

By joining CoinGames, players will be able to play the a platform without having to worry about the status of their finances in processes like deposits and withdrawals that, in centralized casinos, can sometimes go through various steps of rigorous scrutiny that are carried out by obscure third parties. CoinGames offers all the top games from around 40 of the best providers in the industry, adding this repertoire to its transparent framework aimed at protecting its consumers: a match made in heaven, some might say.

About CoinGames

CoinGames is an innovative online casino. Enjoy thousands of games with your crypto wallet.

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