Driver in Law Street collision with utility pole turns himself in to Batavia PD


The man believed to be behind the wheel of a minivan that struck a utility pole on Law Street in Batavia on Nov. 23, causing a widespread power surge on the Southside, surrendered to Batavia PD on Tuesday.

Jeremy Lyons, 38, of Mount Morris, was cited for leaving the scene of a property damage accident and aggravated unlicensed operation, said Assistant Chief Chris Camp.

There’s no way of knowing at this point, Camp said, if Lyons was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Lyons was seen running from the scene of the accident, and an attempt to locate him in the area immediately after the accident, including a K-9 search, was unsuccessful.

The minivan struck a utility pole causing 287 homes in the area of Chestnut Street, South Jackson, and to both the north and south of those streets, to lose power.  The power surge caused electric meters on the outside of dozens of homes to blow out. Contractors in Batavia said they responded to several calls to repair the damage, including to furnaces and HVAC units.  National Grid replaced the electric meters on all 287 houses.

The vehicle Lyons was driving was insured, Camp said.

There is currently no estimate available on how much damage the accident caused to National Grid property and the 287 homes that lost power.

Residents with claims directly related to the power surge can file those claims with National Grid at [email protected] or by calling (315) 428-6536.

Photo: File photo of Nov. 23 accident. By Howard Owens.

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