OKX Withdrawals on Pause as Exchange Tackles Cloud Provider Issues

Popular cryptocurrency exchange OKX is experiencing connection issues with their cloud provider, according to their most recent announcements.

It appears that withdrawals aren’t functioning at the time, but the team reassures all funds are safe.

  • The exchange is using Alibaba Cloud and revealed that they are still fixing their equipment failure in HK Zone C. OKX developers are supposedly in talks and have already urged the cloud provider to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • In a more recent update, OKX said the cloud services are starting to resume and that they will “pre-open procedure to allow users to cancel, place post-only orders and/or manage margins.”
  • The exchange said they will provide the exact timing in an announcement as soon as they receive more information.
  • Some hot wallets appear to also be affected and not processing withdrawals for over 10 hours.

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