SBF Willing to Testify Before US House Committee of Financial Services Next Week

The former CEO of FTX – Sam Bankman-Fried – said he is “willing” to testify before the relevant US authorities on December 13.

He vowed to shed more light on the reasons behind his exchange’s collapse and his own failures as a leader.

  • The US House Committee on Financial Services claimed earlier this week that the FTX crisis caused colossal investor losses and urged Bankman-Fried to testify on the matter on December 13.
  • SBF took it to Twitter to announce he is ready to satisfy the Committee’s request.
  • However, he said he doesn’t have access to much of his data (personal or professional), hence the limit on what he will be able to reveal.
  • SBF pledged to be “helpful” during the hearing and bring more clarity to significant problems, including FTX US’ solvency and what American and international users should do to obtain their lost assets.
  • He will also explain the main reasons that triggered the crash and what he could have done better to prevent it.
  • Subsequently, he blamed himself for changing from a “model CEO” to “lazy or disconnected.”

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