Water, Sewer Rate Hike Takes Affect In January For Batavia Residents

BATAVIA, IL — Starting this month, Batavia residents will pay more for water service after city officials approved a 3 percent hike for water service and an 8 percent jump for sewer services to help fund capital improvement projects.

The city council approved the rate hikes in December and beginning with their water and sewer bills this month, the new rates will go into effect. The city said that the increased funding that comes from water and sewer bills will go to fund the Prairie Street water main improvement project as well as a water main improvement project for Water Street.

Improvements will also be made to wastewater systems at the Randall Road lift station construction site as well as improvements to the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the city said.

The city as part of the new rate structure, residential rates will be based on the usage in a given month.

Meter size. 2023 rate

.75-inches or less. $5.31

1-inch $9.41

2-inch $37.72

3-inch $84.85

4-inch $150.80

6-inches or 8-inch $339.36

Monthly volume charge per cubic foot: 3.98

Sewer bills are based on water usage, the city said. Because residents may use additional water outdoors in the summer months, the city has a summer sewer-averaging program that reduces the amount you are charged for sewer for four months over the summer. The amount of sewer charges you pay is based on 130% of your average use during the prior months of December, January and February when water use is lower.

That average is used as a basis for sewer bills for the first bill sent after June 15 and the following three months. If you use less, you are only charged for actual use.

For example: If a resident’s water bill amounts for the previous December through February are as follows:

  • Dec. $20
  • Jan. $15
  • Feb. $22
  • Average: $19

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